Presentation Script

The field of work I want to go in is church work. A Director of Christian Education is the job I would really love to pursue. This job works with the people in the church and it deals with the education, fellowship, and mission work within the church. The DCE works with the pastor, as well as the members, to make sure things are running smoothly in the church. I’m interested in this field because I’ve grown up going to church and I’ve been involved more in the youth group. I’m also interested in this career because I’ve loved the work with my church’s mission trips and seeing people sharing and helping others.

The issue that I have chosen to research is secularism and the “Secularization of America”. Secularization is defined as the separation of something from religion. Today, there are more people who’ve been separated from their religion and it causes an issue in my line of work because when less people come to church, more people aren’t hearing the good word and a positive to this situation is that it gives DCEs determination to share and educate people on the religion. Having this determination is a good tool to motivate yourself and others to share the good word with others, which is what we Christians are here to do.


Global Citizen- My Career Field & An Issue That Needs Attention

An issue that pertains to my career field that I’ve researched  about is secularization and the “Secularization of America”. Secularization is defined as the separation of something, or people in this case, from religion. This issue is very important because if everywhere in the United States becomes secularized, it could take out all of the churches and leave many people without jobs.In many articles I found, I saw how many people nowadays are atheist or agnostic (not believing in a higher being or anything spiritual). Having more people not believing in anything can cause quite an issue in church work, but it can also give hope and determination for the future. One reason that it can cause an issue is that, the obvious reason, that it strains people from going to church and hearing about the good word. When less people start to not attend church, it can cause a problem and show the people who attend the problem of secularism and how we should thrive to try and diminish it. Another reason that it’s a serious problem is that it could start to lead to issues that could get way out of control and it could split the country in half.Another side of the issue; the hope and determination to make a better future. As Christians, we believe in spreading God’s word and sharing it with everyone we meet and I think this is such a powerful and cool thing to witness among others and even yourself. Having this determination makes your job better and makes it more of a priority. This issue clearly relates to my line of work because having people being separated from their religion is quite saddening and this pushes you to try and engage others and talk to people about God and the good news. Studying this issue helps me in attaining my goal of trying to stop this because I know what has happened and how I can try to prevent this from spreading and I can help give a first step in the pathway to new way of life. It can also help me in ways that when I’m being attacked by others, I can know how to handle the situation better.

Three pieces of information I used when researching was “21st Century America and Religion: The Secularization of America?” by Dr. Jim Eckman (, “The Secularization of America” by Steve Higginbotham (, and “Secularization in the U.S.:Overblown Or Underestimated?” by Douglas Laycock ( These closely aligned with my topic because they had information about how much of the U.S. is secularized and what it is itself. They will be quite useful in my future paper by giving facts about secularization and the results from the studies that were given.

Job and Career Accelerator

When we took the career match tests, I found many jobs that they listed interesting. I had been matched with various fields in psychology and in sociology and most interesting I had been matched with the job I want to do the most (DCE). I thought it was cool how many jobs that I had been paired with that I never would’ve thought as something I could do or want to do. I think that I had many fields that I wouldn’t have thought of pop up because of the interests I portrayed in the tests. I know I’ve always loved helping people and many jobs came up such social work and counseling and being a doctor.

For the categories that I was most interested I believe fit perfectly. I’ve always been interested in fine arts and many of the interest-based occupations came back in those categories. Also, I’ve always found interest in being a teacher and many different fields of teaching came up, but the type of teacher surprised me because I’ve considered becoming an English teacher and that one hadn’t shown up. Based on the skills-based occupations, the results were a little all over but are related to each other in a way or two. Most of the primary matches deal with people, for example many different counseling jobs came up. The secondary occupation consisted of social work and teaching various different subjects and levels. I believe that my results ended up the way they did because I’ve always had a passion to help others no matter who they are and I really feel for those who seek help or who need help and just stay silent. My church every year has done a servant event that helps others in need because they can’t do things themselves, and I think it’ s very amazing to see the kindness and warmth people show and are willing to give to others. When I looked at the jobs, I do see some challenges in some of the occupations. One being that with all of the jobs, in general, I always fear that they’ll send me far away from home and my family. With being the job I truly want to go in, I could be placed anywhere around the United States and its hard to adapt and settle into a place that you are alone at. I think, otherwise, that none of the jobs posed any evident challenges. The ones that made me laugh were some of the types of jobs you’d never consider yourself doing such as being a janitor, and myself, becoming an archaeologist or working in a scientific based job.

Who I Want to Be

Who I Want to Be

  1. What do you want to do for a career?

For a career, I hope to become a Director of Christian Education (DCE).

  1. Where would you like to see yourself in 5-6 years? …or after college

I plan on going to college to pursue this career and I want to attend the Concordia in Seward, NE. After I graduate after four years or so of college, I plan on doing an internship at a church for a year. Once the year of internship is done, I hope to settle in a church permanently and pursue my dreams of becoming and being a DCE.

  1. What are some reasons that you want to do this for a career?

I want to become a DCE because I’ve always loved going to church and have loved the work and ministry that the DCEs at my own church do. Another reason I want to be a DCE because one of our DCEs, Michael, has been at our church for fifteen years now and he has been very influential towards me and other youth and has done such amazing work with not only the youth but the adults as well. Two other DCEs that we’ve had and have are Josh and Brian and the have influenced be as well in too many ways to count. Another reason why I want to become a DCE is because my youth program is very active and we are always looking to do and we go on mission trips and I think they’re amazing and eye-opening and our DCEs have spent time making sure these all work out. I think it’s cool how when the trips work out, how amazing it is to see the adults and youth bond and connect and how the memories stay there and last forever and all of these reasons make my passion for being a DCE stronger than ever before.

  1. What are some drawbacks, fears, or concerns you have about attaining this goal?

Some fears and apprehensions I have is when at college, I’ll be six hours away from home and I’ve always been a home body and it would be a big adjustment. I also fear that when I go to be an intern or when I finally settle in a church, that I will be far away from my family and lose the good connections I have with them.

  1. How realistic is this career aspiration? How idealistic?

Can you make the ideal real? How?

I think this career is realistic and is able to be done, but it’ll take time to get adjusted and finally settle into a place that I love to work at and the place where I love the people. I think it also depends on the place you are looking into working at, whether it’s in the country or in a big city.