Presentation Script

The field of work I want to go in is church work. A Director of Christian Education is the job I would really love to pursue. This job works with the people in the church and it deals with the education, fellowship, and mission work within the church. The DCE works with the pastor, as well as the members, to make sure things are running smoothly in the church. I’m interested in this field because I’ve grown up going to church and I’ve been involved more in the youth group. I’m also interested in this career because I’ve loved the work with my church’s mission trips and seeing people sharing and helping others.

The issue that I have chosen to research is secularism and the “Secularization of America”. Secularization is defined as the separation of something from religion. Today, there are more people who’ve been separated from their religion and it causes an issue in my line of work because when less people come to church, more people aren’t hearing the good word and a positive to this situation is that it gives DCEs determination to share and educate people on the religion. Having this determination is a good tool to motivate yourself and others to share the good word with others, which is what we Christians are here to do.


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