Global Citizen- My Career Field & An Issue That Needs Attention

An issue that pertains to my career field that I’ve researched  about is secularization and the “Secularization of America”. Secularization is defined as the separation of something, or people in this case, from religion. This issue is very important because if everywhere in the United States becomes secularized, it could take out all of the churches and leave many people without jobs.In many articles I found, I saw how many people nowadays are atheist or agnostic (not believing in a higher being or anything spiritual). Having more people not believing in anything can cause quite an issue in church work, but it can also give hope and determination for the future. One reason that it can cause an issue is that, the obvious reason, that it strains people from going to church and hearing about the good word. When less people start to not attend church, it can cause a problem and show the people who attend the problem of secularism and how we should thrive to try and diminish it. Another reason that it’s a serious problem is that it could start to lead to issues that could get way out of control and it could split the country in half.Another side of the issue; the hope and determination to make a better future. As Christians, we believe in spreading God’s word and sharing it with everyone we meet and I think this is such a powerful and cool thing to witness among others and even yourself. Having this determination makes your job better and makes it more of a priority. This issue clearly relates to my line of work because having people being separated from their religion is quite saddening and this pushes you to try and engage others and talk to people about God and the good news. Studying this issue helps me in attaining my goal of trying to stop this because I know what has happened and how I can try to prevent this from spreading and I can help give a first step in the pathway to new way of life. It can also help me in ways that when I’m being attacked by others, I can know how to handle the situation better.

Three pieces of information I used when researching was “21st Century America and Religion: The Secularization of America?” by Dr. Jim Eckman (, “The Secularization of America” by Steve Higginbotham (, and “Secularization in the U.S.:Overblown Or Underestimated?” by Douglas Laycock ( These closely aligned with my topic because they had information about how much of the U.S. is secularized and what it is itself. They will be quite useful in my future paper by giving facts about secularization and the results from the studies that were given.


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