Job and Career Accelerator

When we took the career match tests, I found many jobs that they listed interesting. I had been matched with various fields in psychology and in sociology and most interesting I had been matched with the job I want to do the most (DCE). I thought it was cool how many jobs that I had been paired with that I never would’ve thought as something I could do or want to do. I think that I had many fields that I wouldn’t have thought of pop up because of the interests I portrayed in the tests. I know I’ve always loved helping people and many jobs came up such social work and counseling and being a doctor.

For the categories that I was most interested I believe fit perfectly. I’ve always been interested in fine arts and many of the interest-based occupations came back in those categories. Also, I’ve always found interest in being a teacher and many different fields of teaching came up, but the type of teacher surprised me because I’ve considered becoming an English teacher and that one hadn’t shown up. Based on the skills-based occupations, the results were a little all over but are related to each other in a way or two. Most of the primary matches deal with people, for example many different counseling jobs came up. The secondary occupation consisted of social work and teaching various different subjects and levels. I believe that my results ended up the way they did because I’ve always had a passion to help others no matter who they are and I really feel for those who seek help or who need help and just stay silent. My church every year has done a servant event that helps others in need because they can’t do things themselves, and I think it’ s very amazing to see the kindness and warmth people show and are willing to give to others. When I looked at the jobs, I do see some challenges in some of the occupations. One being that with all of the jobs, in general, I always fear that they’ll send me far away from home and my family. With being the job I truly want to go in, I could be placed anywhere around the United States and its hard to adapt and settle into a place that you are alone at. I think, otherwise, that none of the jobs posed any evident challenges. The ones that made me laugh were some of the types of jobs you’d never consider yourself doing such as being a janitor, and myself, becoming an archaeologist or working in a scientific based job.


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